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What People Are Saying about the Instagram Growth Formula

 Emma Taylor 



I now have a firm plan for my social media posting that I didn't have before.

The Instagram Growth Formula is great! I have already started to implement some of the recommendations (hashtags, video, etc). The best part is I now have a firm plan for my social media posting that I didn't have before. And, I'm excited that this course is enabling me to improve my social media presence on my own---that I don't have to hire an expert to do it. That's always a plus when you're a small business.

Derek Wolf

Derek Wolf



This is worth every penny.

This is worth every penny. Not only did I learn how to use social media more efficiently, but I have been able to apply these techniques to other marketing strategies and see results. I have been able to grow my following using the techniques I was taught from a couple hundred users to almost 300K+ organic users in just one year. This growth has also included additional revenue to my family that has paid for more opportunities than we ever imagined. When you combine the knowledge you are taught with hard-work & consistency, then you will see a massive result that will definitely increase your bottom line. In the end, knowing how to use online marketing & social media is critical for any web based business, blog, or social influencer. This will help you learn how to capitalize on these by improving your social presence and increasing your chances for your business to be successful !

Lisa Ode



I learned SO much!

I’ve had my Instagram page for a LONG time now, but could not for the life of me get it to grow! I had about 2K followers for 4 years straight and I was posting EVERY day! I was so frustrated! But after I took Stefani and Scott’s course, I learned SO much! I started implementing the tools they taught me and saw growth almost right away! Now I’ve gained over 13K new followers in just a few months! And it keeps growing EVERY day. I'm spending a couple hours on Instagram each day which is so worth it. Thank you, Build Digital Marketing!

Todd Caraway

 Todd Caraway



My profile grew from 115 to over 12K followers in less than 10 weeks!

The Instagram Growth Formula is a fantastic because it’s not full of fluff, but full of proven strategies presented in a fun, easy to follow method. I went through the course in a weekend implementing their strategies immediately and saw growth almost instantaneously. My profile grew from 115 to over 12K followers in less than 10 weeks - and I had not implemented their strategies fully and consistently. Had I, I would be over 20K by now - no doubt. I've started having companies reach out about sponsored posts. This works!

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