So much of what you've read about Instagram growth isn't true!

We each gain over 1,000 authentic followers daily, and want to share our secrets with you.

Why Our Courses are So Great...

Gain authentic likes and followers that care about you

Instagram has 58 times more engagement than Facebook. Because of this, we've seen again and again that brands are investing buckets of money into Instagram and seeing results. In our courses, you'll learn how to tap into that market either as a small business or as a social influencer who wants to work with brands. 

Massive Instagram growth means more money

Whether you are trying to sell an online product, run a storefront, or become a social influencer, increasing your follower count leads to more business. With our course, you'll have the potential to grow faster than you ever imagined.

Learn to Work Smarter, Not Harder

Growing your Instagram feed isn't magic. Once you learn our techniques, you'll spend less time trying to figure the system out and more time growing your brand.

Unlike Many of Our Competitors, We Have Proven Results

We don't just teach you how to grow your feed; we practice these methods ourselves. We are in the trenches every day and know what works and what doesn't.

Our Courses are a Tremendous Value 

2 Video Courses that will help you get massive Instagram growth and make $$$
Fast Track to
Massive Instagram

Duration: 4h 20m

This course covers everything you need to know to massively grow your Instagram feed: captioning, hashtagging, optimizing your profile, timing and frequency of posts, best practices for stories and live, and so much more!

Get Started Making Money on Instagram Through Sponsored Posts

Duration: 1h 31m

In this course for social influencers (or future social influencers), we walk step-by-step through the entire process of pitching to brands, landing paid Instagram work, and creating repeat customers by exceeding expectations. 

About the Instructors

Scott Thomas

Scott Thomas started in 2008 as a means to write off meat, charcoal and the occasional grill. What started as a tax shelter and a hobby has grown into a business, one greatly aided by the power of social media. Scott spent many years trying to master Facebook and Twitter, but didn't get very far as a late adopter. It wasn't until Instagram came around that he found his groove and he spent close to two years eating, sleeping, and breathing that platform. Despite being a late adopter yet again, he was able to crush Instagram. His Instagram account (@grillinfools) has over 400,000 organic, authentic followers.

Stefani Pollack

Stefani Pollack’s blog, Cupcake Project, began in 2007 as a way of documenting her quest to master the cupcake in time to bake hundreds of cupcakes for a friend’s wedding. Since then, her recipes have been featured regularly in Huffington Post and Buzzfeed, she’s been a contributor for Parade Magazine, Paula Deen, and Chowhound, and she freelances for magazines like Fine Cooking and AllRecipes. As readers have moved from blogs to Facebook and then to Instagram, Stefani has made Instagram a top business priority. She grew her Instagram account (@cupcakeproject) from under 20,000 followers to over 400,000 followers in one year and is continues to grow by about 1,000 followers a day. She currently has over 600,000 followers. Stefani has a background in corporate training and she’s passionate about teaching others to use Instagram to achieve their business goals.

What You’ll Get

Your Fast Track course includes nine video modules that you can refer back to forever. We all know that Instagram will change (this is what they do just to vex us)! When that happens, we'll make updates to the training and you'll have access to the updated versions.

The Sponsorship course includes a wealth of knowledge that we have from years of working with brands as bloggers and social influencers. You'll also receive a sample contract, sample pitch letter, sample invoice, sample media kit, and a simple contact management tool - everything you need to get you started.

Buying our courses is not a "one and done" deal. We're in this Instagram game with you. You get personal access to us. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have along the way.

What People are Saying...

Emma Taylor



I now have a firm plan for my social media posting that I didn't have before.

The course is great! I have already started to implement some of the recommendations (hashtags, video, etc). The best part is I now have a firm plan for my social media posting that I didn't have before. And, I'm excited that this course is enabling me to improve my social media presence on my own---that I don't have to hire an expert to do it. That's always a plus when you're a small business.

Todd Caraway

Todd Caraway



I saw growth almost instantaneously. 

Build Digital Marketing is a fantastic course because it’s not full of fluff, but full of proven strategies presented in a fun, easy to follow method. I went through the course in a weekend implementing their strategies immediately and saw growth almost instantaneously. My profile grew from 115 to over 12K followers in less than 10 weeks - and I had not implemented their strategies fully and consistently. Had I, I would be over 20K by now - no doubt. I've started having companies reach out about sponsored posts. This course works!

 Christina Lakey 



It's opened up amazing opportunities for me in my niche... and it's fun!

My account grew by leaps and bounds from the tips to get better exposure and engagement. I was shocked and amazed, but it was real! It's opened up amazing opportunities for me in my niche... and it's fun!

Derek Wolf

Derek Wolf 



This course is worth every penny.

This course is worth every penny. Not only did I learn how to use social media more efficiently, but I have been able to apply these techniques to other marketing strategies and see results. I have been able to grow my following using the techniques I was taught from a couple hundred users to almost 300K+ organic users in just one year. This growth has also included additional revenue to my family that has paid for more opportunities than we ever imagined. When you combine the knowledge you are taught with hard-work & consistency, then you will see a massive result that will definitely increase your bottom line. In the end, knowing how to use online marketing & social media is critical for any web based business, blog, or social influencer. This course will help you learn how to capitalize on these by improving your social presence and increasing your chances for your business to be successful !

Is this Training Right for You?

This training isn't for everyone. You'll get the best results if you meet the criteria below. 


  • Bloggers, social influencers, and small business owners
  • People willing and able to devote one hour a day to Instagram growth
  • Those committed to following the method
  • People serious about growing their brand


  • Casual Instagram users
  • People who want to game the system using the follow/unfollow method or by buying followers
  • People who don't have time (one hour a day) to commit to growth
  • Brand new Instagram users (a basic understanding of Instagram is needed to take our courses)
Get Increased Growth in 60 Days

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase after trying the method in earnest for 60 days, contact us and we will give you a full refund. We want no regrets, just happy customers.


By purchasing today, you also get some fabulous benefits!

Access to a private Facebook Group

We have a private Facebook group for all of our alumni. If we notice any changes to Instagram or develop new strategies for growth, our alumni are always the first to know. You will always be up-to-date!


30 Minute Private Consultation Option

If you purchase our Fast Track or Package Deal courses, you have the option to add on a 30 minute private consultation with Stef or Scott. Prior to the consult, we review your Instagram feed so that we can spend the whole call giving you custom-tailored advice and answering your specific questions. This option for a 30 minute consult is only available to those who have purchased our course.

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Making Money Through Sponsored Instagram Posts
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  • Lifetime access
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  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Package Deal - both courses for only $349 (or 5 payments of $83 a month)

  • 20% savings over buying separately
  • Exclusive access to alumni Facebook group
  • Option to add on private consultation


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